Course Formats

Lectures, exercise courses, practical courses, seminars, and projects constitute the instructional framework of the teaching at TUM. This section sketches the advantages and drawbacks of each of these course types, and provides hints on optimizing your teaching formats.

  • eLearning tools
    Making the most of digital media to enhance your teaching approach

  • Experiential methods
    Enabling subject matter to be seen, heard, and felt as directly as possible
  • Online courses
    Incorporating web-based seminars into your course design
  • Practical courses
    Supervising hands-on training

  • Seminars
    Conducting in-depth instruction and experiments in smaller group settings

  • Exercise tutorials
    Coaching small groups on specialized problem-solving techniques

  • Exercise courses
    Bridging the gap between theoretical know-how and practical applications

  • Lectures
    The flagship of traditional academic instruction


ProLehre | Medien und Didaktik
Tel.: +
E-Mail: info(at)


ProLehre | Medien und Didaktik
Tel.: +
E-Mail: info(at)

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